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Professional Mouth Guards in Buford

Protect Your Smile With a Custom Mouth Guard

Professional athletes wear mouth guards on game days for a reason. Contact sports can be a lot of fun, but they can also lead to dental injuries that compromise the cosmetic appearance of your smile. In addition, disorders like bruxism (clenching or grinding of the teeth) can also harm your teeth. At Smile Moore Dentistry in Buford, GA, our custom mouthguards can shield your teeth from injury or damage and help you smile with confidence.

Mouth Guards in Buford, GA

What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a protective dental device worn in the oral cavity to shield your smile from damage and injury. Usually made of plastic or rubber, mouth guards are molded to fit your unique bite. They protect your smile by absorbing the shock of any physical trauma that could lead to chips, cracks, or knocked-out teeth. Mouthguards can also protect your tongue, lips, gums, and cheeks.

Why Do I Need a Mouth Guard?

A custom mouthguard can be extremely beneficial for many types of patients. Some of the most common candidates for custom mouth guards are athletes of all ages.  The American Dental Association recommends mouth guard used for most sports, including football, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse, although you may also wear one if you participate in athletic activities like gymnastics or martial arts.

Patients with bruxism or TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) can also take advantage of the protective abilities of a custom mouthguard. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, usually occurs at night while the patient is asleep. The excessive force placed on your smile from grinding can cause enamel erosion, jaw pain, headaches, tooth fractures, and even TMJ/TMD. Jaw clenching from stress or anxiety can have similar effects.

The Advantages of a Custom Mouthguard

You can purchase a mouthguard at your local pharmacy, but these generic devices are not custom made to fit your unique smile and can often provide an improper fit. A mouth guard that does not fit correctly can easily slip out of your mouth, leaving your smile vulnerable to injury. It could also lead to swelling of the gums, soreness, and pain. A custom mouth guard is made from an impression of your smile, and therefore will fit perfectly. Professional mouthguards are also typically less cumbersome than their store-bought counterparts and more comfortable to wear during the night or a long game.

How Can I Get a Custom Mouthguard?

If you believe you may benefit from a custom mouthguard, reach out to our office to schedule a consultation. Your dentist can evaluate your smile and help you determine your candidacy for a mouthguard. If you decide to move forward, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth that will be used to craft your personalized device. Most mouth guards are ready in just a few weeks, and our office will give you a call when it is ready to be picked up.

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