Surgical Dentistry

Full Mouth Implants

Same-Day Dental Implants.

When you are missing all of your teeth on an arch, you may think a removable denture is your only option. However, thanks to the advancements in dental implant dentistry, you can achieve a more stable and fully-functional smile.

Restore your missing teeth and recapture your oral health.
With Nobel Biocare All-on-4® Implants you have found a permanent denture solution that can be fitted in just one day. In fact, you may have heard the nicknames ‘teeth in a day’ and ‘smile in a day’ – these refer to this innovative treatment.

Over 98% of patients say they would recommend All-on-4® treatment

All-on-4® implants can be used for both the upper and lower jaw. Rather, than being inserted vertically, the rear implants are placed angled with the same stability. This opens the door for patients who have suffered jawbone deterioration and would normally need a bone graft. Eliminating complications such as this, allows Dr. Yu to restore your smile in less time.

At SmileMore Dental, our Oro Valley dentist teams up with a local periodontist to restore smiles using All-on-4®. Dr. Graig Brown brings years of experience and advanced training to our office when performing implant dentistry.