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Patient Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

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"I now have the smile I had been dreaming of for so long."

Beth Ann Jordan

Thank you so much! I now have the smile I had been dreaming of for so long. I have new confidence that I look my best because of you.

Thank you for treating me with kindness and respect. I want you to have these pictures to show your patients how pleased I am!

-Beth Ann Jordan

"I don't have to hide my crooked teeth anymore!"

Crooked Teeth in Buford GA

I'll be able to really enjoy smiling and showing off my wonderful straight bright teeth IF I get my teeth fixed!" That was what I was thinking as I debated and looked into fixing my crooked teeth. After discussing my options with Dr. Moore I chose to have porcelain veneers and bonding applied to my upper front teeth! I am SO glad I did. And so was my husband. He said "Honey I am so glad we invested in your teeth! It has made such a difference!" Yes, it has made a difference - I don't have to hide my crooked teeth any more! Thank you Dr. Moore and your awesome staff!

-Sarah M. Sweet


"Implants are the greatest thing I have ever done for myself."

Implants are the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. Dr. Moore completed surgery on three implants for me and each one turned out fantastic. Dr. Moore thoroughly answered all of my questions and concerns about implants. Dr. Moore and his assistants made me feel extremely comfortable during the implant procedures, as well as all of the other dental procedures he has completed. Dr. Moore explained in complete detail everything he was doing (step-by-step) and made sure the implant crowns matched my own teeth and fit nicely. In the event I would need additional implants, I most definitely will have Dr. Moore perform the procedures and I highly recommend Dr. Moore to all of my family members and friends, as implants are the only way to go.

-Benny Bennett


"I feel much more confident about my smile and it shows."

porcelain veneers in buford ga

I would like to express to you again how thrilled I am with my porcelain veneers. I am in the sales industry and this was an investment in my business. I feel much more confident about my smile and it shows. You and your staff treated me as if I were family and it made the entire experience wonderful.

-Jim Bernard


"...Wishes do come true if you have the right dentist."

Braces in buford ga

At the age of 17, I began talking to dentists about braces because of the small teeth I had in front. They always discouraged me from having anything done because my teeth were healthy.

Dr. Moore was able to change my smile within a few weeks only to prove wishes do come true, if you have the right dentist.

Thank you Dr. Moore! You are the best!

-Shirley Grimaldi


"This is the team you want... this is the only relationship you will ever need for your dental care."

Five years ago, at 52 years old... I had a wide asymmetric smile, showing old crown margins and discolored and uneven teeth. After a complete smile makeover, I no longer put my hand in front of my mouth when I laugh. The investment I made then has continued to pay off and with my maintenance plan, will continue forever.

I will do whatever it takes to have Dr. Moore and his incredible team continue to keep my teeth as beautiful as the day they created " a perfect smile" for me. This is the team you want.. this is the only relationship you will ever need for your dental care.

-Buffie Anderson

"I found myself actually looking forward to going to the dentist."

Dentist in buford gaWhen I hear people say when they have a dentist appointment coming up, the next thing out of their mouth usually is "I hate to go to the dentist". Then I smile. And then I tell them, you should go to MY dentist.

I have been going to Dr. Moore since he first began practicing in this area. I soon realized he was a kind, quiet, and gentle person, exactly the type of personality you want when choosing a dentist. His staff of dental hygienist never caused any pain during teeth cleanings. Dr. Moore actually gave me the first shot I had ever had in my mouth for a cavity filling, and while I must have left a dent in the arm of his chair from clenching so hard, seeing what looked like a six inch long needle coming at me, the shot actually didn't hurt at all. Dr. Moore just has a way of being gentle, calm, and reassuring. So, I found myself actually looking forward to going to the dentist. I soon began to think of him and all of his staff really, as more of a friend, maybe even more as family, than as a doctor's office.

Long before starting to go to Dr Moore's office, I had been grinding away my teeth, and over the years it was becoming worse. My jaw would pop, sometimes loudly, if I ever opened my mouth wide, and my jaw would hurt occasionally from the TMJ. Dr. Moore began to point out what was happening, and that while it was not absolutely necessary to fix, it was only going to get worse. And as it had gotten worse, I was becoming embarrassed to open my mouth, and was certainly self conscious of my teeth. But, I of course, put it off. Then during one visit, Dr Moore took some impressions and made a model of how it was, and how it should be. I was shocked. I needed a full mouth restoration, to add the length back to my teeth that I had ground away. This meant every tooth was going to be radically changed. I also had to have mouth surgery with Dr Richard Ellis, who I also highly recommend, to remove boney tori that had grown in my mouth over the years. It was to be a long, arduous, and yes even expensive process. But there was never any pressure from Dr. Moore. He simply explained how it was - and how it would be - both with and without having the procedure. Dr. Moore's calm demeanor and reassuring attitude had given me the confidence to proceed with the restoration, but there was the cost factor. The deciding factor was a statement that my hygienist, Lisa Gotfreid, said to me one day during a visit. "Neal, isn't your smile, and your self confidence…worth a car payment?" That's what did it. Dr Moore's office was able to arrange financing options that helped with the pain of the expense, and Dr. Moore abilities as a skilled dentist, helped with the pain of the procedure. Even though every tooth in my head had to be ground away, and caps and veneers installed, sitting in the chair that long with your mouth wide open was more painful that anything about the restoration. I can truthfully say that I was never in any pain at any point. Sure, it was uncomfortable, but there was never any pain.

The results were life changing, dramatic, and yet at the same time, subtle. Dr. Moore advised against getting "bright white" veneers, but rather to choose a warm color that would appear much more natural. People began to come up to me and say, "what is different about you?", "you have a nice smile" and "nice teeth". My jaw no longer pops, there is no pain in my face from TMJ, and I have the confidence to smile widely - and frequently. And you can't put a price on that.

-Neal Springer

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