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Tooth and Bone Loss

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Tooth Loss and Gum Disease in Buford, GA

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Gum Disease Causes Tooth Loss

Are You Suffering From Moderate To Severe Gum Disease?

Patients suffering from moderate to severe gum disease in Buford, GA are at a very high risk of suffering tooth and bone loss. Unless treatment from Dr. Randolph Moore is sought right away, your life can be affected in several ways:

• Your diet may change.
• You may develop speech problems.
• Your remaining teeth can become misaligned.
• Your facial appearance can change.

Your Diet May Change

When tooth loss occurs, activities such as biting or chewing your food can become difficult and even painful in some cases. Many patients compensate by altering their diet to include softer foods that have been heavily processed. The problem is that this kind of diet is not healthy. Issues such as malnutrition, weight loss, indigestion, and rheumatism are common results.

You May Develop Speech Problems

Certain letters sounds that are formed with tongue to tooth contact become difficult and even impossible to pronounce when tooth loss occurs. Many patients even develop a lisp which can be embarrassing. Additionally, your tongue may begin to expand to fill the empty space created by tooth loss. A larger, thicker tongue will make it even more difficult to speak clearly.

Your Remaining Teeth Can Become Misaligned

Your teeth rely on each other for support. When one tooth is lost, it creates a domino effect in which the remaining teeth will begin to move and shift out place. Misalignment is a problem that can affect your jaw movement as well as your biting force. This creates tension in the jaw which can spread and cause pain in the neck, ears, and head.

Your Facial Appearance Can Change

Your teeth play an important role in holding the lips and cheeks in place. When tooth loss occurs, these areas will shift inward and enhance any signs of aging. As a result, many patients look much older than they actually are when they experience tooth loss.

Gum disease is progressive and can eventually lead to tooth loss if it is not addressed. To learn more about how you can prevent tooth loss by treating gum disease in Buford, GA, contact Dr. Moore and schedule your consultation today!

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