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Pinhole Surgical Technique

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The Minimally Invasive Gum Surgery Treatment Alternative!

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Benefits of PST

Patients suffering from gum recession in Buford, GA are encouraged to contact Dr. Randolph Moore about the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™). This is a revolutionary new treatment that has several benefits including: 

  • Only a pinhole is made in the gum tissue
  • No sutures
  • Minimal discomfort during and after the procedure
  • No risk of incompatible tissue
  • Multiple teeth can be treated at one time
  • Instant results

Receding Gum in Buford, GA

The PST Procedure

The Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession in Buford, GA


Dr. Moore & Dr. Chao

  Periodontics in Buford GA 
What is it?

A receding gum line can lead to several cosmetic and functional problems in patients, including tooth pain. For one, this condition can age your appearance and cause your teeth to look longer than usual. It can also increase sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures due to root exposure. Additionally, receding gums can increase the risk of root decay that can lead to tooth pain.

PST™ is a treatment for gum recession that does not involve any incisions or sutures. Instead, Dr. Moore will create a small pinhole in the gums and gradually loosen the tissue with specially designed instruments. This way, the tissue can be pulled over the exposed tooth while keeping swelling, bleeding, and tooth pain to a minimum.

How does it work?

First, a numbing agent is applied to the area where recession has occurred. Then, one or two small pinholes are made near the gum line. Next, a small specialized instrument is inserted into each pinhole and used to loosen the gum tissue. Once the tissue has loosened, it can easily be pulled upward or downward so that a larger portion of the tooth is covered. Next, tiny strips of collagen are placed near the pinholes to help keep the tissue in place while it heals. The entire treatment takes about 20 minutes to one hour, depending on the number of teeth being treated. Healing occurs very quickly and there is little to no tooth pain following the procedure.

PST™ is an advanced, minimally invasive technique for treating gum recession. To learn more about treating gum recession in Buford, GA, contact Dr. Moore and schedule your consultation today!

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