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Bleeding Gums

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Preventing and Treating Bleeding Gums in Sugar Hill, GA and the Surrounding Area

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Bleeding Gums May Be A Sign Of Periodontal Disease

Gum tissue that bleeds when brushing or flossing may seem relatively harmless on its own. However, this can often signal a larger issue such as periodontal disease. When suffering from bleeding gums, Sugar Hill, GA patients should be aware of the following causes before visiting Dr. Randolph Moore:

• Medications
• Hormones
• Poor Hygiene
• Periodontal Disease

You May Have Gum Disease

Bleeding Gum in Sugar Hill, GA


Certain medications that you may be taking can make you more prone to bleeding gums. For example, aspirin, birth control, anti-inflammatories, and some blood pressure medications can have blood thinning properties which increase the likelihood of bleeding gums. It is important that you make Dr. Moore aware of any medications you are taking so that we can give a proper diagnosis.


Most women will experience a dramatic increase in their hormone levels during pregnancy. As a result, bleeding gums occur more frequently and the likelihood of developing periodontal disease also increases. In fact, you may even notice your gums bleeding spontaneously without warning. It is extremely important to brush and floss daily and also to maintain regular cleanings and exams. This will help to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and protect the health of you and your child.

Periodontal Disease

Patients who do not practice proper oral hygiene are much more likely to develop periodontal disease than those who do. In these cases, there is an excess amount of plaque and bacteria in the mouth which can irritate the gums and cause inflammation. Inflamed gum tissue usually bleeds more readily when brushing, flossing, or even eating. When left untreated, periodontal disease can become so severe that your gum tissue will begin to detach from your teeth and bone loss will occur, placing you at a higher risk for tooth loss. It is important to address periodontal disease when it is still in the early stages. Patients suffering from bleeding gums in Sugar Hill, GA and the surrounding areas should contact Dr. Moore and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

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