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Comparing Dentures and Dental Implants in Buford, GA

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Fix missing teeth in Buford, GA

Benefits Of Dental Implants

• Increased Stability
• Increased Comfort
• Versatility
• Long Term Durability
• Improved Jaw Health
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Increased Stability

Removable dentures do not have a solid foundation and are simply placed on top of the gums. This allows for problems such as slippage to occur and causes trouble when eating or speaking. Dental implants, however, are surgically placed in the jaw. After the implant and the bone have fully integrated, the implant cannot be removed without additional surgery. This makes dental implants a more stable method of teeth replacement.

Increased Comfort

Removable dentures are made from resin and cast metal which can often irritate the gums. Dental implants, however, are made from titanium which is naturally compatible with the body. This makes them a more comfortable option for teeth replacement.


Removable dentures are usually reserved for patients in need of multiple teeth replacement. In some cases, a tooth extraction may even be necessary to make room. Dental implants, however, can be utilized for any number of missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, dental implants can be used.

Long Term Durability

Since dentures do not stimulate the jaw bone, deterioration occurs over time and alters the fit of the dentures. Most patients need to replace their dentures every five to seven years as a result. Dental implants, however, do not cause deterioration and will resist decay. This makes them a more favorable option for long term teeth replacement.

Improved Jaw Health

Removable dentures do not interact with the jaw bone. This means that these areas do not receive necessary stimulation and will gradually become resorbed by the body. When this happens, the facial structure can collapse and alter your appearance as well as cause general health issues. Dental implants, however, do provide stimulation and help to stabilize bone mass in the jaw. This makes them a healthier option for teeth replacement.

Whether you need a single dental implant or implant supported dentures, this method of teeth replacement if often preferred. To learn more about dental implants in Sugar Hill, GA, contact Dr. Moore and schedule your consultation today!

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