Fall is just around the corner, implicating a sense of urgency around the house, to gather new school supplies and clothing for your kids, to start the academic year off fully prepared. Although there is a lot of focus on pencils, books, backpacks, and shoes, it’s also important to remember to start the school year off with some helpful tips for pediatric dentistry in Buford, GA, from Dr. Randolph S. Moore. Here is a quick back- to- school guide for your children’s dental health.  

Buy a New Brush and Floss  

While you’re out purchasing a binder and some new socks, why not pick up a new toothbrush and a fresh pack of floss? Your child should get a new toothbrush every three months, and the start of the school year is the perfect time to acquire the new cleaning instrument.  

Establish a Routine

Your kids will be developing a strict schedule of classes and extracurricular activities, so utilizing the start of the school year to establish a strict hygiene routine is perfect. Provide your children the guidance to brush and floss their teeth after eating breakfast, but before getting on the bus or in the car. At night, guide them to brush and floss just before bed, perhaps when washing their faces. You may even pack a travel brush into their backpacks if you want them to develop habits of teeth cleaning after lunch, during school hours.  

Discuss and Use Healthy Eating Habits  

The foods your kids eat will also affect their dental health, so assist them in making good, healthy choices. Hard foods, starchy foods, and sugary foods all wreak havoc on your teeth. Citrus foods can be healthy, but the acid may strip away tooth enamel, so moderation is important. Cheeses and fresh vegetables prove to be very beneficial for your teeth.  

Schedule a Visit to Your Dentist  

Make a visit to your dentist part of your back to school routine each year. The earlier your kids identify good dental hygiene habits, the more likely those habits resonate with them—especially when they view positive examples of their parents utilizing proper oral hygiene. Schedule a checkup with Dr. Moore today by calling (770) 648-2882.